Oh finally!

Sorry I’m late, it’s my worst. And when I say late, make that about 15 years or so.

Before we get started can I just say, I’m a big believer in the old cliche “everything happens for a reason“. It may have taken me a while to get here and the twists and turns have (almost) been worth it so I won’t waste time with regrets.

Not for the want of trying…

I’ve wanted my own blog for a very very very long time. When I came to planning my blog I discovered something I must admit caught me by complete surprise – I already had a few on the go! First there was *holds up fingers and starts counting* the one I started at Uni (a scary) ten years ago, then another I’d attempted to pick up every now and again but never really got anywhere with, then….

So why has it taken me so long? Well excuses about life getting in the way aside, my biggest hurdle has been finding the right name and I’ve been round the houses with this one! The other main factor is that I am SUPER busy at work and working hard on my two work blogs and lots of other projects and bits and bobs that are on the go. You know how it is.

For me this blog is pure bliss, no restrictions no one judging, just me musing about life, the things I love and a place to expore and seek out the great and new. If you don’t like it, don’t look.

Here we go xoxo

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