My new iPad case

When I got my iPad2 a few months ago I was foolishly drawn into the sales patter and bought a iPad2 cover. Gosh what a mistake and a costly one at £35.

Ever since I realised the error of my ways I have been on the look out for a new one. I am not the most light fingered of souls so a sturdy case was in order. Having had a look around the shops I did not find anything that really floated my boat. The best I had seen was a case in Cath Kidston with blue and white polka dots for £38. As you can imagine after forking out the initial cost for the ‘not so great cover’ (which seriously must only cost Apple about a £1 to make) I was reluctant to buy a new one but buy I must so off I trekked to CK a few pounds short of £40 in paw.
So, imagine my DELIGHT when I discovered that not only did they have a sale on – making it £25 but magically out of nowhere they decided to reintroduce a new pattern!!!! Right up my straserama!

A lovely surprise

What a wonderful surprise I had when I discovered my lovely friend Hannah had brought me over some fabric from Bangkok. Asia is so ahead of the times when it comes to crafting so it really made me super excited!

What a lovely girl!
Now where is my passport, Thailand ahoy!
What shall i make with them I wonder. Watch this space you could say.

New booty

Salt & Pepper with a mustard pot. LOVE. Just need a spoon.

My #furchild

If you know me personally you will know my #furchild Holly Fishcake SnowShoes.
Holly is a sassy, argumentative, high maintenace puss but I love her unconditionally. I love touching her cute little fluffy paws and tummy, she hates that. In fact it’s the main thing we fall out over.

HFS is a Persian Chinchilla crossed with the boy next door kinda gal and she was given to me by my very good friends probably a good 5 years ago. Holly arrived on Christmas eve (you guessed?) and was the tiniest little fluff ball.
Since then she has lived between various country farm locations and is currently enjoying the high life in Bath.
Holly sleeeps on my bed every single night, provides me with a miaowing yes/no psychic cat service and in the past has warned me of intruders, pots boiling and the bath flowing over.
She goes potty for catnip and the other day actually opened her new supply when it came in the post. If you have never seen a cat with catnip you should try it, its unbelievable.
I have just realised this sounds like I am trying to pimp her out through writing a dating profile. I’m not. Tom cats beware, you don’t want to date this play girl, she has had her heart broken. Namely by a boy by the name of OC (Orange Cat). She has never been the same since.
Would you believe it Holly tweets. Follow her mews at @HollySpeaks

Ethos for life

Hello Dolly!

I love love lovvvvve Blythe dolls and I live for the day I find my perfect Blythe child and the time I open a present and a big pair of starey eyes look out and say ‘ma ma’. (hint hint)

In the meantime this is the best I can find, awww gorgeous isn’t she!


There is a whole world of Blytheout there! Have a look!

Top tips for car booting success

One of most favourite things to do is to visit car boot sales. I was brought up routing around charity shops but ever since the whole vintage thing has become super trendy, bargains can be few and far between. Flea markets are also a rip off.

There are so many things I love about carbooting and nothing quite beats a saunter round a field on a bright Sunday morning. I really love to buy pre-loved goodies that appeal to my traditional slash retro slash pretty style. Not only does my passion mean I can get some bargains but I am recycling rather than buying new and generally that means items are in better condition as made in the good old days before the arrival of our throw away society.

One thing I think I should mention is that I have some big pet hates at the car boot. They are a) market style ‘new stuff’ stalls b)traders who just ‘don’t get it’ and are precious over price.

My top 5 tips for car booting success

1)Get there early – my local boot says it starts at 11am – regulars know differently – gates open at 8.30am.

2) Take some bags for life – you don’t want the lack of arms stopping you from buying.

3)Start at one end of the field and zig zag down one side and back up the other. DO NOT attempt to peruse both sides at once. You will get distracted and miss things.

4)Wear appropriate clothes. I hate the cold and am a fair-weather buyer, but it’s a double bonus if you can get a tan at the same time.

5)Take enough cash. These places don’t take cards and may refuse a sale if they have no change for a twenty.

“Home is a place I leave my stuff, while I am out buying more stuff.”

My lovely buys