Top tips for car booting success

One of most favourite things to do is to visit car boot sales. I was brought up routing around charity shops but ever since the whole vintage thing has become super trendy, bargains can be few and far between. Flea markets are also a rip off.

There are so many things I love about carbooting and nothing quite beats a saunter round a field on a bright Sunday morning. I really love to buy pre-loved goodies that appeal to my traditional slash retro slash pretty style. Not only does my passion mean I can get some bargains but I am recycling rather than buying new and generally that means items are in better condition as made in the good old days before the arrival of our throw away society.

One thing I think I should mention is that I have some big pet hates at the car boot. They are a) market style ‘new stuff’ stalls b)traders who just ‘don’t get it’ and are precious over price.

My top 5 tips for car booting success

1)Get there early – my local boot says it starts at 11am – regulars know differently – gates open at 8.30am.

2) Take some bags for life – you don’t want the lack of arms stopping you from buying.

3)Start at one end of the field and zig zag down one side and back up the other. DO NOT attempt to peruse both sides at once. You will get distracted and miss things.

4)Wear appropriate clothes. I hate the cold and am a fair-weather buyer, but it’s a double bonus if you can get a tan at the same time.

5)Take enough cash. These places don’t take cards and may refuse a sale if they have no change for a twenty.

“Home is a place I leave my stuff, while I am out buying more stuff.”

My lovely buys

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