My #furchild

If you know me personally you will know my #furchild Holly Fishcake SnowShoes.
Holly is a sassy, argumentative, high maintenace puss but I love her unconditionally. I love touching her cute little fluffy paws and tummy, she hates that. In fact it’s the main thing we fall out over.

HFS is a Persian Chinchilla crossed with the boy next door kinda gal and she was given to me by my very good friends probably a good 5 years ago. Holly arrived on Christmas eve (you guessed?) and was the tiniest little fluff ball.
Since then she has lived between various country farm locations and is currently enjoying the high life in Bath.
Holly sleeeps on my bed every single night, provides me with a miaowing yes/no psychic cat service and in the past has warned me of intruders, pots boiling and the bath flowing over.
She goes potty for catnip and the other day actually opened her new supply when it came in the post. If you have never seen a cat with catnip you should try it, its unbelievable.
I have just realised this sounds like I am trying to pimp her out through writing a dating profile. I’m not. Tom cats beware, you don’t want to date this play girl, she has had her heart broken. Namely by a boy by the name of OC (Orange Cat). She has never been the same since.
Would you believe it Holly tweets. Follow her mews at @HollySpeaks

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