My new iPad case

When I got my iPad2 a few months ago I was foolishly drawn into the sales patter and bought a iPad2 cover. Gosh what a mistake and a costly one at £35.

Ever since I realised the error of my ways I have been on the look out for a new one. I am not the most light fingered of souls so a sturdy case was in order. Having had a look around the shops I did not find anything that really floated my boat. The best I had seen was a case in Cath Kidston with blue and white polka dots for £38. As you can imagine after forking out the initial cost for the ‘not so great cover’ (which seriously must only cost Apple about a £1 to make) I was reluctant to buy a new one but buy I must so off I trekked to CK a few pounds short of £40 in paw.
So, imagine my DELIGHT when I discovered that not only did they have a sale on – making it £25 but magically out of nowhere they decided to reintroduce a new pattern!!!! Right up my straserama!

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