Oh yeah, if you suffer at all from even the slightest pangs of jelbo-nicicty look away now. Because yes, oh yes look what I have and have already devoured (not fully opening/bending pages I may add) the new Dottie Angel book. Huzzah.

It’s everything I could have imagined + more and I love it.

I ♥ Dottie Angel. Her style, her ethos and her ability to make me feel I am not alone in my world of quirkyness. Phew.


Granny squarearama

I thought I would give you a sneak peek of what I’m working on right now…I really like the colours I have used.

I can’t wait to finish it so I can snuggle up on the sofa with it!

A sneak peak of the shoot

Here are some pics from the shoot we went on yesterday. We took over this lovely house in Somerset and set up a studio similar to the Mollie Makes vid we made earlier in the year.
I hate my sewing face.
That’s better
Ta da!! The finished bunting handmade by Snowy and myself.

Keep posted for more news…! Follow us @themakingspot


The furchild has been v cute of late. She has found a new snuggly spot on the cushions in the dining room. Awww bless.

She even licked my face, which is practically unheard of. I think it was a mistake.
Motion shot with tongue out

A day in deepest darkest Somerset

Secret project update: Snowy aka @thetinycrafter and I found ourselves in a secret location for some filming yesterday with the super ace Future film team. We got some great footage…watch this space peeps! Oh yes, and we made some lush bunting while we were there.

Note to self: Must make bunting.


I thought I better give you a little titbit of news about a secret project I am working on.

Obvs I can’t say too much at this stage but let’s just say it’s pretty exciting, and if it’s pretty exciting, there must be some element of crafting in there – and let’s just say there defo is!!!

I will update you v soon.