I loved When God was a Rabbit

I loved this book.

I don’t know how cool it is to admit it but what the hell, i’ll say it anyway “I am a big fan of the Richard & Judy Book Club“. Over the years I have read quite a few of the suggested books and I think i’ve pretty much enjoyed them all.

When God Was a Rabbit is my first book of 2012 as read as part of my pledge to read a book a month throughout the year.

The novel opens with a few ‘Oh gosh’ moments, setting the scene for the book which tells the story of a brother and sister and the relationships throughout their lives. I loved the Cornish imagery but must confess I did feel a bit disappointed when the September 11th tragedy cropped up, ergh but I thought it was interesting to read why author Sarah Winman decided to include it, so fair enough. (I must admit I do love those bits those Q&A bits from the author in the back).

All in all a great comical read with lots of things to think about, which is what I like in a book. 4/5

It was one of the books on my shelf so quite pleased about that. Fancy a read?

What’s next. Wait and see :)



  1. I love books too, we have shelves filled with them and I wish for whole days when I can lose myself in a book without worrying about what else I should be doing! I have to admit I haven’t read this book yet but have added it to my reading list for 2012, thanks for the recommendation :)

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