A visit to Kinsale: Part One

We have come to Ireland. Kinsale, Co Cork to be exact. Oysterhaven to be even more exact.

Ten years ago Antonia Keith-Welsh and Benjamin David Coggins fell in love over a portion of cheesy chips at Yeovil College and now they are getting married. Lush isn’t it. They are two of the loveliest people I’ve ever met and I love them dearly, so here we are to celebrate their nuptials.

First morning outside my window…WOW

We arrived late last night after a delayed flight and a little bit of a drive. It was pitch black when we moved into our cottage so it was a lovely surprise to open the curtains this morning.

Oysterhaven is stunning. Have you been? You really must.

First thing this morning we popped to see A & B down in Kinsale. They have a day of preparation and picking up suits and stuff but it was nice to have a cup of tea with them.

Then we went to The Milk Market for a spot of brekkie.


Eggs Benedictine with sausage anyone?

Today we girls are spending the day doing some pampering so it was back to our cottage for some buffing, tanning and polishing.

First a spot or cake – coconut milk chocolate cake. Welllll, I am on holibobs :)


Stayed tuned for more Kinsale news…

There is a real vintage/kooky feel in town and I’ve already spotted a cool chazzer shop.



  1. Elizabeth Mayhew says:

    Certainly looks a lovely place

  2. flocattobydog says:

    Aaahhh….so proud of my cake-it looks lovely on the big screen!Enjoy the rest of your stay.

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